February 9, 2018

Realtors: Get the Real Deal with Social Media

In the world of real estate, never has competition been so high. If you want to differentiate yourself, consider digital marketing tools such as social media. They promise the highest reach on a budget and they will make your real estate business grow from within.

1. Targeting done perfectly

Whether you call them millennials, digital natives, or generation Y, they are the future of your business. Born in the ’80s and highly tech-savvy, they pay huge attention to social media, with billions of hours spent on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube every day. They are also the ones who will be purchasing homes in the next decades, so you have to make sure to speak their language if you want them to become your clients.

2. Reputation built on trust

Small and medium businesses rely on social media to build authentic relationships with their targeted market. From informing to emotionally bonding with your target market, Facebook and Twitter should be your favourite marketing tools. By the way, did you know that most millennials prefer to buy from a business that has a social media account? The reason: when it comes to high investments, such as a house, people want to know you very well before trusting you with a part of their financial future, so be active on social media and make the first step towards them the trustworthy way.

3. Differentiate yourself

There are millions of websites out there and probably thousands of real estate ones only in your area. It is vital to rank highly in search engines and increase traffic to your website if you want to stay in the market and make some serious profit. By increasing your social media presence you will get more visitors to your website and higher chances to be asked: “Will you be my realtor?”. Don’t postpone it!

4. Sell more

Boosting sales begins with understanding your target market better and responding to your prospective customers as fast and friendly as possible. Social media allows almost instant replies and gives that individualized touch to your interaction with followers, so grab this opportunity to see your sales grow as you speak.

5. Less money for more exposure

Finally, take a close look at the costs and see why you cannot skip this opportunity. Build reputation, increase sales and advertise locally to a target as specific as you want, for a fraction of what classical marketing plans would cost. Get the best return on investment and long-lasting results with marketing that works in real-time. Why not start straight away? It’s time for your business to grow from within and we are here to help it.

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