July 15, 2017

What are Social Videos and Why will they work for Your Business?

Video marketing, especially social video, is becoming one of the most effective tools in reaching large audiences all over the world. With billions of internet users watching years of video material a day, any business should consider the potential of video marketing. Why look into this amazing digital marketing tool and how to make it work for your business? Here’s our intro to the buzz-maker of the moment – social video for business!

What is social video?

Any video meant to be published and shared on social media can fall under the category of social videos. While the content, the length and the features of each video might vary from one channel to another, as a marketer or business owner, it is important to keep in mind two aspects: you want your material to be shared and you want it to reach your very specific target. It is possible for a video to become viral, but it is more important to be seen by the people you plan to turn into customers. Getting thousands of likes without converting isn’t worth that much. So, whether you think of Facebook streaming, Instagram short films or Snapchat quirky videos remember your priorities – get shares and reach your main market.

Why will social video work for your business?

Millennials are the future of your business and they represent a very connected generation. Studies show that increasing numbers of young people consider online videos a vital part of their daily life, with over 95% of those under 20 years old choosing YouTube as their main social media platform. Whether it’s down to a short attention span, high appetite for entertainment and information, busy lives, or a different way of learning, the fact is that social videos work for Generation Z, and it should be your priority to make them part of your marketing plan.

  1. We all love a nice presentation and a video that combines information and entertainment is always a winner. If you want to make your audience stop scrolling through their Facebook or Twitter feed and give some time to your content, use videos instead of plain, boring text. You will get higher chances to reach your potential customers and to stay in their minds for longer.
  2. A well-written half page of text can stick with the reader for days, making them re-think attitudes and even change perceptions… proven that they will press the “Read More” button. However, we are busy people, living busy lives and sometimes reading blocks of text might feel like a non-priority. This is why a video will always win – the same information, delivered in just a few seconds, with virtually zero effort on the reader’s side – who wouldn’t be sold?
  3.  If you are still asking why videos work better than simple text, remember this pop-psychology tip: people like seeing other people and hearing their stories. Videos create an emotional bond that letters on their own will never manage. Emotions, voices, music, faces – they build an atmosphere, a universe your target will feel drawn into.
  4. Need more good news? Statistics show that videos promise a higher return of investment (ROI) than any other media. Just because they have a higher reach, are enjoyable to watch, easy to digest and make people less defensive when subtly persuaded by marketers.
  5. Finally, remember that over 60% of businesses all over the world are already using social videos. If you are not one of them yet, you should give it some thought now – adaptation is key to good business and social videos are certainly a way of staying in the game.

How to create buzz with your social video?

If you want to unleash the power of your brand through social videos, remember to:

  1. Put your brand first, but always in a smart way – Package your brand nicely in some good quality entertainment, add some useful information and try to bring more value to your customers in general. Content is king and naked commercials will bring no benefits to your brand or your business.
  2. Show your face – A brand should be about people and by people you should mean more than your customers. Think of your employees and allow them to put a face on your business. Potential employees and potential customers need to see what is going on behind doors. Let them peak in, get a taste and understand you better. In the era of social media, businesses are about people before anything else.
  3. Engage with customers – Be present to answer questions your videos might generate and even consider answering questions through videos. We live in a highly visual world and the people your business targets need you to know their language. Do you speak it yet?
  4. Free stuff plus– It is the new age of free stuff on social media, but forget offering presents for shares or other old-fashioned competitions! People like to be inspired and a video is the perfect way to give them what they need, for free. “How to” videos, testimonials, humanitarian campaigns – anything works as long as it makes your audience feel empowered, enriched, and inspired.
  5. Apply a good marketing strategy when creating a social video, no matter how sophisticated or simple it might be. A good marketing strategy means that you will:

a) Put customers first – Make them the hero of your video, help them identify with the character and encourage them to enjoy the shows you put “them” in.

b) Create a strong narrative – Good stories create leads and that is exactly what you want.

c) Go for a catchy title and opening lines – In a few seconds your audience will know if they want to keep looking, so make those seconds count.

d) Keep it short. And sweet!

e) Make calls to Action – People need to know what you want from them at the end of the video, so don’t waste this small opportunity.

f) Get ready to invest – A bit of time, a bit of money: creating buzz takes both, but once started it can take you really far.

g) Stay active – Measure your results all the time, try to understand the impact as you go and boost, nurture, and readjust. It is the era of social media and everything happens in real time, so be there!

If you want to learn more about our social video services and boost your business by using their power, now is the time. We can give your brand the visual dimension it deserves and make your business stand out, so get in touch.

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