May 2, 2017

6 Tips to Make Your Facebook Business Page More Attractive

There was never a better time for small and medium businesses interested in expanding fast, organically and on a budget. Thanks to social media, it is now easy to understand your customers, engage with them, get real-time feedback and adjust your services based on the information.The era of digital marketing means that it’s possible to convert and bring in new business, day by day, and it’s you who can do it. Here are a few tips to get results by simply paying a bit of extra attention to your Facebook page:

Know Who You Are

Facebook is more than a platform where you go and talk about yourself as a brand. It is a place where you create an online persona that engages with your followers. Your brand comes to life and talks to all these people who want to know you before they buy your products. So, it is vital to be present and act fast on Facebook, to respond to messages and comments, while always paying attention to what your followers are saying. Adjust your tone and listen – remember that this is a place where your followers, before being customers, are people who expect genuine interaction with you. Sturdy relationships start here, so invest time in engaging with your followers and they will engage with your brand.

Please The Eye

Studies show that the internet is gradually changing the way we process information. We tend to spend less time on a page that is a simple block of text and we are more likely to react to content that displays images as well. Invest in good pictures that draw the attention of the visitor and make them want to spend more time on your page. Start with a smart cover photo that has elements of your own branding and don’t be afraid to change your cover photo now and then. As an extra-tip, always design cover photos that give some information about your business or events coming soon – it’s free advertising. Finally, always use a profile picture that portrays your brand perfectly – try to use elements of your brand or even your own logo.

Content That Engages Is Content That Converts

Make sure you post often (at least a few times a week) and add pictures to the text. Remember that images say more than words, so don’t be shy to add pictures and videos as often as possible. Pay attention to the links you post – thumbnail photos promise a higher chance to be opened than a simple link does.
Another aspect to consider is the content of the images itself. Remember that people are psychologically drawn to videos and pictures showing other people, so post pictures that include not only products and information about your business, but also the humane face of your business: employees, other customers, yourself. The power of video testimonials and smiling, satisfied clients cannot be beaten!

A Page That Brings Everyday Value

The main aim of social media is to entertain the user and to create bonds powerful enough to move from the screen to the shop. Building nurturing relationships takes a long time and that means you will need to constantly give something to your customers before they decide to become clients. To do so, keep in mind a basic rule of social media: 20% posts about your brand, 80% posts that bring value, educate, entertain. Although this is your Facebook page, this isn’t all about your brand – it is firstly and most of all about the customers who expect you to tell them more than just how amazing you are. Give them value, educate them, inspire them, make them question and wonder, create emotions, connect and let them come to you. Facebook is not about selling – it is about building bridges and that will pay off a lot more than a one-off transaction.

Clean and Well Organised

A page that is messy, has grammatical errors and is very rarely active might do more damage than good to your business. Always pay attention to your posts and interact on the post even after it went online: follow comments, reply fast, be present. Make sure your page is up to date, easy to navigate, your apps are easy to spot and your posts are a pleasure to read. You can also highlight important posts, but don’t overdo it as people will no longer know what is newsworthy and what is not.

Take a Challenge

Everyone loves a challenge, so be brave and take one. Think of the potential of a video to go viral and come up with some ideas of such videos. It could be a video about an employee who does something funny or a .gif with a client that has just tasted the newest cake in the menu. People love .gifs and memes, and so should you! Any form of entertainment that you create and has the potential to go viral means more online exposure, more followers and, eventually, more real life clients. Shared content equals more business, so aim for that and make it happen.

Finally, keep in mind that social media is mostly about emotions. Facebook is the place where people come to feel good and, on your page, you are the master of ceremonies. An attractive page means happy followers and happy followers are the ones who convert. Be there for good, offer a lot and you will get back a lot more. If you need help, we are here for advice and more.

Moe Mojahed
Co-Founder of Arivano
10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and Branding
We love innovation.
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