December 28, 2020

Effective advertising: Why choose social media?

These days advertising is one of the biggest marketing challenges. With an increased rate of tolerance to brands and classical forms of advertising, it is more and more difficult to reach the target businesses aim for. After decades of being told a story from the brand’s perspective and after millions of broadcasted promises that never turn into reality, people refuse to believe that these ‘brand new’ products will reduce their wrinkles, whiten their teeth, make their life easier or deserve their money. However, thanks to social media and their new forms of advertising, people are once again becoming interested in what marketers have to say. Find out why social media will take your brand and your message to your target market and will reduce your chances to be told ‘no, thanks!’ before they’ve heard your pitch properly.

A changing paradigm
Social media has brought a totally new vision on brand representation and interaction with a brand. What can one say to a mass of unsatisfied and distrustful customers in order to change their opinion? Focus on them instead of focusing on the product or the brand, encourage word of mouth and talk to them through their friends rather than through our-product-does-it-all! monologues. Studies show that over 90% of consumers prefer word of mouth to traditional forms of advertising, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Two-way communication
While classic advertising is about communicating to your target, social media advertising is about communicating with your target. It’s time to realise that today’s consumers aren’t passive anymore and they want to see that their voice matters. Social media give businesses the opportunity to authentically interact with their customers, to hear them, to understand them and to help them make the choice of switching from customer to client.

Safe targeting
Social media tools allow businesses to directly advertise to their specific target. One can narrow down their target market, sending personalised messages that will have a higher impact. Sex, age, personal preferences, geographical location  – these are just a few of the tools one can use to reach their target and speak their language. Both literally and metaphorically.

A lot cheaper
Because you know who you want to talk to and you need no middle man to reach your target, the costs drop massively. Compared to all forms of advertising, social media provide the cheapest solution and the most effective one, as shown in the previous paragraph. Less than $3 to reach 1,000 people – the people you want to reach, not the ones televisions or newspapers tell you might reach.

Engaging and stimulating
The first step to getting someone to be interested in your brand is catching their attention. An ad on the 8th page of a newspaper might not even be seen while an interactive social media game, app or quiz might go viral just hours after launching it. Make people engage with your content and they will engage with your brand. Give them some stimuli and they will ask for more.

Measurable results
To reach 1,000 people through TV broadcasting, a business will need to pay an average of $28 and never find out if the target really watched the commercial or if they took the opportunity to go in the kitchen and make a sandwich. On the other hand, social media adverts can guarantee to reach those people directly (based on stats that show likes, reach and engagement). The analytics behind social channels are pure gold and will give you insights into what you did best and what you need to improve. And all this in real time, for a fraction of the cost.

How do you get it right?
The first step is be where your target is. Social media is becoming the norm, so it is mandatory for your business to be present there. Secondly, invest in high quality content marketing. That is marketing that focuses on the buyer instead of the brand, marketing that educates, empowers and enriches the customer instead of pushing them to blindly make a buying decision. Finally, understand the way social media work and use them properly. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – qualified digital marketing professionals are ready to support you to reach potential clients the fast, easy and safe way. Cut the cost and the stress, enjoy results that last and do business the right way. What’s not to like?

Moe Mojahed
Co-Founder of Arivano
10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and Branding
We love innovation.
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