July 20, 2018

Content Marketing Topics for Amazing Real Estate Videos

Video marketing is becoming the most cost-effective and lead-generative type of promotion in the real estate arena. If you are a realtor who plans to dive deep into the market this year and take advantage of the current digital marketing trends, here’s our advice on what topics to tackle in your videos:

1. Story-based listing, not facts-and-numbers descriptions

When buying a home, people expect more than hearing facts and figures. How many bedrooms, how large the bathrooms and what is the square footage of the garden are relevant pieces of information, but they do not suffice to seal the deal. People like stories and they need to envision themselves living there. Beautiful descriptions, emotional narratives and a tone of voice that suggests what their future life could be like are as important as getting the number right. It’s about people and their life stories, not numbers!

2. A bit of advice is always welcome

As an expert in the field, giving advice to home buyers and sellers is a smart move. First of all, it will generate leads because people needs to learn the steps before jumping into the market and getting their property out there. Second, they need and trust an expert, which will make your trust score increase with each share. Any topic, from how to advertise your home to how to negotiate with a mortgage provider could be tackled and used for both parties’ benefit.

3. Neighbourhood videos lead the way

Many realtors focus too much on the house and too little or not at all on the neighbourhood. A video that address only the topic of neighbourhood is very handy for those planning to buy or sell. Potentially, a house can be for life and all the aspects that could make someone’s life better and easier should be named: schools, parks, entertainment points, hospitals and even foot traffic represent pieces of valuable information that can make buyers go for it. Remember to couple your insightful script with real-life footage in a professionally edited video for best results.

4. Increase brand trust with interview videos

From testimonials with happy clients to press interviews with you or associates, any form of honest and relaxed chat is welcome. Your audience needs to hear about the amazing things you do. It is not showing off if you get the right dose of facts and figures, top it up with some good sense of humour and a very personal, friendly approach. Build that image of the guy-next-door who knows a lot about real estate. Look smart, professional and still approachable for results that can get only better.

5. Live stream it – from conferences to office tours and year-in-review videos

Are you aware of Facebook live streaming option? While most videos tend to be uploaded on YouTube, Facebook live streaming service has been constantly earning good points on the video streaming market last year. Take advantage of this trend and get ready for increasing the number of loyal followers. It’s easier than editing for YouTube, it more personal and allows live interaction with your audience. Plus, any topic can be addressed, from presenting your office, to taking part in conferences or open house events.

Once you have decided your topics, allow some time to think about a few other relevant aspects of your video marketing strategy: what channels you will be using to stream, what kind of editing support you have and what other marketing techniques you can include. If you need support or any sort of advice in relation to video marketing production, contact us. We have experience in delivering sound marketing services to realtors from all over the world and we are always happy to help.

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