December 28, 2020

Make your business stand out: Go Video!

Branding has always been tough. However, never before in the history of marketing did we have so many tools to raise brand awareness! The internet created a real revolution in the way brands grow and this new trend won’t stop soon. Brands and their users or potential users can now keep in touch through a simple click thanks to the power of the internet, especially through social media.

Some businesses are still reluctant when it comes to using the joys of modern technology, disregarding the huge numbers of potential customers they miss to target. For example, YouTube, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, can help a brand immensely and it’s only recently been realized by the corporate environment what an impact video profiles can have on their businesses. The truth is that people love video content and prefer it to most types of media because it’s engaging, easy to follow, informative, short and doesn’t demand any major effort on the user’s side. This is why more than 60% of internet users say they’d prefer watching a video to reading text. In this context, it’s a shame not to use such an opportunity to promote your business when people actually expect you to. Especially in some business areas that could benefit immensely from having a video profile, such as the real estate industry.

Here are a few more in depth reasons, as well as tips, to start creating a video profile for your business and getting more people to know you, to like you, and eventually, to buy from you:

Why a business video profile?

  • Less is more and videos capture that very clearly. In a one-minute video you can put more information than you’d be able to pour into a page of a text. A video product captures user’s attention and saves them time while offering more information than reading texts and looking through some pictures.
  • Better rankings – studies show that having videos on a page will make people spend almost 10% more time on that page. Sometimes that percentage is the difference that can determine someone making the buying decision – can you afford missing such an opportunity?
  • Videos can improve your website quality and help you boost your SEO as well, especially if you pay attention to titles, tags or keywords. Two birds with one stone indeed! Not to mention that owning a YouTube channel or posting videos on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, are pure gold for no money. Why? Because most social channels let you post videos for free. By the way, did you know that over 80% of internet users have been on YouTube at least once only last month? Thousands of them are your potential customers.
  • Multi-purpose – a video can help you gain trust with your clients, offer more information about yourself, and most importantly, tell your clients what you expect them to do without sounding persuasive. Video content is an amazing tool for getting in touch with your customers and building up relationships that last. For example, people will always trust a face more than a sentence and they will always prefer to buy a house they saw instead of the promise of a house. It is natural for us, human beings, to trust more what we see than what we read or hear. Why not show and tell? Videos can definitely do both.

What kind of video does my business need?

If you are selling premium products, like houses or other expensive goods, you need to look highly professional from the very first second. People want to know who they are buying from, what they are buying and even what to expect long after they made their purchase. You can address all these important issues and so much more through videos. First of all, it’s important to have a business profile where you talk about your business philosophy, your values and aims as a company. This helps potential buyers put their trust in you and consider you for their big decision. Other ways to increase potential customers’ trust is by doing videos where you try to educate your target, such as real estate informational videos, market updates, how-to guides and other informative tips. Of course, you can also give them a subtle impulse to buy through recorded client testimonials, promotions and limited offers, as well as house or neighbourhood tours. Remember this very important fact: people invest time when they have to invest huge amounts of money, so make sure you use their time properly. The easiest way? Provide plenty of information without taking the risk of boring them – go for video content!

How to get the video products my business needs?

You can do it on your own if you have the time to go through a few serious video tutorials, some directing, script writing, acting and editing lessons. You will need to pay attention to everything because small details can encourage or discourage people to buy. Once you’re ready to DIY, know your market, write a script, get the right equipment, spend days shooting, a few more editing it, then start distributing it on social media.

You can also hire an expert who can do all this for you, in less time, for less money, with less stress and virtually no risks. When you pick a professional service make sure they have a good portfolio, experience with video creation in your industry, an open mind and an ability to work with people. Remember that neither you nor your employees are professional actors, but a good video production company will make the final product look great by knowing what to do at each stage, from directing to editing and even social media distribution.

Moe Mojahed
Co-Founder of Arivano
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